About us



Brand Management

Brand management is organised in a way that every brand has an assigned local brand manager in every Baltic market. The brand managers are responsible for the performance of the brand, marketing and point of sale activities. In order to keep track on brand performance on the Baltic level as well as to streamline communication with producer, one of the brand managers is assigned as a Baltic coordinator for the brand. 



In the first place we use all the conventional marketing channels common in the industry to achieve the marketing target of the brands, such as Print Media and TV. Bejond these „standard channels" we are aslo seeking innovative ways of promoting our brands to defined target groups. Internet, outdoor visuals, fashion programs on TV or event marketing, just to name a few examples.



In addition to image advertisements in the print press we widely use PR editorials. Here we can capitalize on synergies of the fashion, jewelery and fragrances world, building the brand image and increasing the brand awareness.


Communication with beauty press

Upon every launch we individually present the new product to all beauty editors and we also supply them with branded PR materials. We also carry out launch events especially for beauty editors. In co-operation with the producer of fashion house we invite them to PR events in inspiring locations, such as Paris, Rome or London. 


Direct Marketing

We possess a solid consumer database for direct mailing campaigns and scent sampling by post.

Point of sales activities


Other marketing activities

Our marketing strategy involves "out-store"sampling as an effective tool to reach the right target. Therefore, we have sampled also where people don`t expect to get a sample - concerts, fashion events, cinemas, trendy events in clubs and cafes.


Other sampling activities

Our marketing strategy involves “out-store” sampling as an effective tool to reach the right target. Therefore, we have sampled also where people don’t expect to get a sample – concerts, fashion events, cinemas, trendy events in clubs and cafés. 


Point of sales activities

We invest into various POS activities such as:

- permanent in-store positions

- window decorations, in-store light-boxes and promotional sites

- in-store campaigns

- in-store consulting

- trainings 


Permanent in-store positions

We constantly improve our in-store presence and impact of our brands by implementing personalized shelves in the flagship stores. 


Window decorations, in-store light-boxes and promotional sites

Every POS campaign is complemented with second sites and window decorations. In the sales area there are displays of our products on promotional sites and fragrance outposts. On some occasions the decorations are extended all over the cosmetics department of the department stores. Permanently rented light-boxes in every important sales location are exhibiting product images all year long. 


In-store campaigns

Besides spraying/sampling activities and GWP promotions we carry out different campaigns to introduce and promote our brands in stores.


In-store consulting

We have fragrance and color cosmetics consultants working daily in department stores and the largest chains. We recognize the importance to promote the sales personnel working behind the counter and communicating with the consumer. Therefore, we encourage them with sales contests and special get-togethers held every quarter.



Trainings are an essential part of our marketing mix as it is vital that the people who are in direct contact with consumers are well up-to-date regarding the latest tendencies in the industry. Therefore, we provide general trainings to sales personnel and beauty consultants on yearly basis, as well as with every new product launch. 


Sales team

We have professional, highly motivated and trained sales representatives, who are in direct contact with our customers on every day basis. They following customer stock levels and are taking orders in stores. At the same time, merchandisers make sure that goods have proper placing on the shelves.



Our cosmetics logistics function is centralized in Tallinn and serves the whole Baltic market. The functions are as follows: 


Ordering goods from producer

- Collecting shipments from all over Western Europe in our logistic hub in Germany

- Shipping products always in thermo insulated trucks to our Baltic warehouse in Tallin

- Storage of goods

- Labeling of goods according to the local regulations

- Packing of goods for delivering to customer

- Settlement of producer invoices