About us

Regulatory Affairs

We have an experienced Regulatory Affairs Manager in each country who takes care of all our registrations of medicines, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics, notifications, local packages, leaflet translations and other regulatory issues.
The most efficient way in the Baltic States is to have a 3 or even 4-lingual package. Our regulatory team is closely working together in order to overcome legal differences and make the so-called “Baltic package” possible.


In most cases goods are collected in our logistic center in Selters Eisenbach, Germany (close to Frankfurt am Main). They are then transported by trucks to our Baltic warehouse which is located in Vilnius. The goods are managed according to GDP standards.
Orders from all Baltic customers are collected centrally in Vilnius and goods are dispatched within 2-3 days of the order being received.


We have an order specialist whose main responsibility is to order goods from our suppliers and manage the remaining stock.
Our order forecasting system allows us to keep the optimal stock level in spite of seasonality or other factors that may influence sales.
We usually forecast 12 months ahead which makes it very convenient for our suppliers to plan production.


We sell to all major 20 wholesalers in the Baltic region.
Orders are centrally collected in Vilnius.

Goods are dispatched within 2-4 days of the order being received. This is what we call “primary sales”.

We also have a system for tracking our “secondary sales” (sales to pharmacies). In Lithuania it works on a weekly basis, in Latvia on a weekly/monthly basis and in Estonia only on a monthly basis.


We have marketing teams in each country which are responsible for market analysis, strategy setting and implementation.
We use databases which allow us to analyze our sales and our competitors sales in the market on a monthly and even weekly basis.
As we have a wide portfolio from reimbursed Rx products to food supplements and medical cosmetics we use a broad range of marketing tools which we blend according to the needs of each brand and marketing strategy.
We participate in professional events, conferences and congresses where we present our brands.
TV, radio, public and professional press, internet, mailings are the tools we use for the advertisement of our brands.
We are experienced in building and adapting brand websites for the Baltic markets.
We focus on sales promotions for independent pharmacies and pharmacy chains.

Field Force

We are convinced that the best marketing is done directly in the field. Therefore we a have a team of professional medical and sales representatives in each country. They make calls to physicians and pharmacies promoting our brands and closing sales deals in pharmacies.
We use a CRM system which allows our field force to plan their calls and record the results. We think that continuous product and sales trainings are very important for results. We mostly use internal trainings as we believe that they give us the best team spirit and sustainability of developed skills. Motivation is another success factor and we are happy to award our staff for fulfilling their individual and team goals.


We produce sales and marketing reports for ourselves and also our suppliers according to their needs. We keep records of activities we are doing as well as costs.